This is the war on drugs we should be having

By Gigi Bowman


This is my daughter Kati who is in Heaven now. This child who was prescribed Zoloft which was never approved for children under 24, yet somehow she and 10,000 other children committed suicide from being prescribed SSRI medication they never should have had.

She was 15. This beautiful girl is no longer with us because Big Pharma is in bed with the US Government and together through lobbying and the corruption that goes on between the FDA the AMA and Corporatism they push untested drugs for profit. She died in 2003. She would be 25 today (born 12-18-87 died 11/7/03) What the Zoloft website said in 2003 is completely different than what it says today. It took the death of children for them to change the warning, usage, precautions and side effects.

To see more on this see the 2012 lawsuit from GlaxoSmithKlien to get a gist of what the drug companies do to get Doctors to push their products.

“Over a period of more than a decade, the government’s latest investigation found, the company plied doctors with perks such as free spa treatments, Colorado ski trips, pheasant-hunting jaunts to Europe and Madonna concert tickets, Justice Department officials said.”

“At a news conference Monday and in documents posted online, the government said Glaxo spent six years—1998 to 2003—unlawfully promoting Paxil for patients under 18 when the drug wasn’t approved by the FDA for non-adults. It said Glaxo helped prepare an article published in a medical journal in 2001 that falsely reported Paxil had proven effective at treating depression in children in a clinical trial, when the trial showed no such thing.”…/SB100014240527023042997045775026424…

So please pass this around. Let parents know. This is a real girl. A real child. A beautiful, smart, happy child who went through a bad time (as most teenagers do). She was prescribed drugs that she should never have taken to begin with. As a parent we trust our doctors when we go to them that they will do the right thing for our children. If I had not learned from this –well, lets just say they tried to push Gardasil on my younger daughter. I did not fall for it this time.

All I’m trying to say is BE CAREFUL. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Do NOT trust anyone! Do not take Doctors’ words for anything –especially when you know they get ‘perks’ for pushing drugs.

“Suicide and Zoloft: FDA Warning
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a special warning about the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior with antidepressant use in children and teenagers. The warning was issued due to concerns that antidepressants seemed to increase the risk of suicidal behavior in children and teenagers in clinical studies. Zoloft is only approved for use in children and teens with OCD. Although Zoloft is not approved for other uses in children or teenagers, it may be used “off-label” for other conditions in this age group.”

My daughter didn’t have OCD.

I want to publicly thank my friend Edward Weaver for making such a fantastic website for our group “Save Long Island” There is a wealth of information in this website for almost every subject possible. We show movies once a month to awaken people to what is going on. We had the movie showing of Generation RX about this very subject concerning my daugher. Everything you need to know is right here –he has done the work for us.…/generation-rx-additional-inform…

I am adding this because In the past I have talked about Fluoride being one of the possible causes of her depression:

My daughter was put on 2 ccs of Fluoride in her formula every day from the day she came home from the hospital in 1987. From this we went to chewable Fluoride when she could chew. I did not know about the dangers of fluoride back then. I had not been awakened yet to the truths about our government (for those of you that are interested i what woke me up? It started with my husband bringing home a few movies right after my daughter died “Loose Change”, “American Freedom to Fascism” which brought me to Alex Jones which brought me to Ron Paul. The rest is History). Back to the fluoride factor, I never put two and two together until I read that a side effect of fluoride is depression. I read that in 2011. All we most likely had to do was cut the fluoride from her life completely and she would have been fine. Instead doctors did not look at this history –they put her on little blue pills. She said she was depressed –that a little black cloud was following her around. During her early teens around the time she killed herself kids all over were “cutting” themselves. It was happening everywhere. Why? The movie “Thirteen” had a lot do do with it. Cutting was the big “thing” at the time. Kids were doing in in the 6th grade thru high school. She was doing it too. It was a glorified way of teens expressing their sadness. My daughter was doing this and a kid in her class told on her. She was humiliated. She took diet pills to ‘commit suicide’. OK. Lets stop here. I DID THE SAME THING WHEN I WAS 15! My mother found out and sent me to a psychologist! The psychologist back in 1974 TALKED to me! She did not prescribe little blue pills or anything of the kind. They didn’t’ have this bullshit back then! I turned out fine. I have five daughters —being a teenager is not easy. Kids might make fun of you or today you are a rock star, next week you are being bullied…..every day it has ups and downs. We’ve ALL BEEN THERE! But interference of this process with pills that were never supposed to be in our kids mouths that cause people to commit suicide are a daily occurrence! So yes….. fluoride could have been a big factor in what made her feel depressed but fluoride did not cause her to commit suicide. Zoloft did. Period. The end. Without Zoloft she could have gotten past all of it. Had we gone to a nutritionist we probably would have been a lot better off. In fact, Vitamin D3 helps those with depression. Sunlight. She was happiest when she was in a tanning salon. Connect the dots.

PLEASE listen to this interview with Ann Blake-Tracy on the Josh Tolley show