This Might Shock Liberals but We’re Not Required to Support Jenner

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Did you share your opinion of Jenner’s sex change this week? Did you express anything but 100% approval? If so, be prepared for an endless barrage of attacks from Liberal trolls and their pals in the media.

Here’s just some of the names that did not approve of Jenner’s sex change, that were attacked (click on name for full story): Snoop Dogg, Drake Bell, Alice Eve. Famed music producer “Timbaland” didn’t even disagree with Jenner’s decision, but got attacked for a post that was misinterpreted by the media.

The media is so obsessed with Jenner, that ESPN gave Jenner a “courage award”, beating out well known teen basketball player Lauren Hill, who died of Cancer this past April. Yes, apparently Jenner’s voluntary decision to change sex, took more courage than getting up every day to play basketball & raise money for a Cancer research charity, despite having to endure her own illness. Well played ESPN. I’m sure you’ll have some of the highest ratings for your show.

If you disagree with Jenner’s decision to change sex, the Liberal media has a label for you, “Transphobia”. That’s right, if you disagree with Jenner’s decision, the media automatically assumes that you have some unhealthy fear of transgender people. As though you’ll run for the hills if a transgender person comes near you.




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