Nothing Wrong with Rand Paul Using Patriot Act Debate to Raise Funds

John McCain’s latest beef with Rand Paul, is how Rand used the Patriotic Act/NSA debate to raise funds for his Presidential campaign. What’s wrong with that?

Rand is making his positions very clear for the country to see, and is declaring that if you want more of this, help him become President. Unfortunately, to compete in National politics, you will need to raise over a billion dollars. Rand Paul knows this and is not wasting the spotlight.

Rand’s position on the NSA/Patriot act is nothing new. Last January, long before Presidential politics season,  Rand filed a class action lawsuit against the NSA.

While John McCain might be comfortable with squandering opportunities at the expense of letting a Socialist take the White House, Rand Paul does not want the same to happen. While McCain took it easy on Obama during their race, Rand Paul has promised to hit Hillary Clinton with everything he’s got if nominated. Republicans will need someone like this, as Hillary Clinton will have no trouble passing the billion dollar fundraising mark.


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