Lawsuit Filed Against the Federal Election Commission

From former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson:


The outrage over unfair presidential debates is growing.

Today, a lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, against the Federal Election Commission. In a nutshell, that lawsuit challenges the FEC’s treatment of the debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates as “nonpartisan” activities, citing the fact that the CPD excludes all other qualified candidates from its debates other than the Republican and Democrat nominees. The plaintiffs include the Lib ertarian and Green parties.

This first step will increase the pressure on the Commission on Presidential Debates. The next step will be to file the complaint that will challenge the CPD directly on the basis of long-standing anti-trust laws.

Opening yet another front in the battle for fair debates is a great development. The more pressure we can apply to make the nationally-televised debates open to ALL credible, qualified candidates, the better!

In addition to what is now a multi-pronged legal challenge, a critical element of our effort is a grassroots and public awareness campaign to mobilize thousands of Americans to let the FEC, the CPD, debate sponsors and the news media know that the two-party control of the debates must end.  A majority of Americans today say that NEITHER the Republican nor the Democratic Party represents them. That majority deserves an opportunity to see and hear qualified third party and independent candidates from the national debate stage.

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