Is This the Last Chance at the White House for the Paul Family?

One of the weaknesses to the Clinton campaign & the soon-to-be Bush campaign, is that people are sick of seeing their last names on the ballot. They see it as a family monarch trying to control the Republic. ┬áPeople go as far as to say they’ll leave the U.S. if the 2016 Presidential race ends up being Clinton vs Bush.

While this is Rand Paul’s first run at the White House, it’s the fourth time a member of the Paul family is taking a crack at it. Three of those coming from Ron Paul (’88, ’08 & ’12).

Rand Paul doesn’t enjoy as much support from Libertarians as his father did, but does enjoy more support from traditional Republicans than his father did. If Rand doesn’t win this go around, and tries again in 2020, will it be harder for him to grow upon his numbers in 2016 due to the fact that people might just be tired of the Pauls like they are the Bush & Clinton families?

Two scenarios that could play out that might determine this:

1) If it’s another moderate/neocon ┬áthat gets the nomination instead but loses to Clinton, I think Rand would have a great chance in 2020. Republicans would be so sick of the traditional “establishment candidate” losing, that they’d give stronger consideration to a maverick like Rand.

2) Lets say a moderate/neocon is nominated & beats Clinton, then I think that’s the last we’ll see of the Pauls, at least for quite awhile. I doubt Rand would challenge an incumbent Republican in 2020, so he’d have to wait till 2024 before getting another crack at it. Even then, this country tends to sway back and forth from Republican to Democrat every few election cycles. So Paul would not only have to win the Republican nomination, but also overcome the political pendulum swinging back towards the Democrats favor.

Do you think this is the Paul family’s last chance at the White House? Let us know in the comment section below.

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