Ironic: GOP Upset Over FOX Limiting Primary Debates

“Denying candidates an opportunity to showcase their talents and experience in the first televised debate would artificially distort the political process, stifle Democracy and competition, and induce voters to consider only those candidates pre-selected by virtue of their name ID rather than their potential as candidates”. That’s not from the Libertarian Party or the Green Party. That’s an open letter to FOX News from the Republican Party of New Hampshire.

A political party that’s had no issues with only having two political parties represented in the Presidential debates, is suddenly concerned about Democracy being stifled? A political party that’s thrilled to see third parties have to go through similarly unfair requirements?  What a bunch of hypocrites. Where’s the outrage that we haven’t had more than two candidates represented in the Presidential debates since 1992? Where’s your open letter to The Commission on Presidential Debates? I’d be thrilled just to see a third candidate in the Presidential debates. You’re upset because you can’t have more than ten??

It doesn’t even matter. 99% of your candidates are exactly the same. The so-called “fiscally responsible” party, that wants to bankrupt our children so we can nation build in the middle east. I don’t need to hear 15 candidates telling me the same exact thing in ten different debates.

When I see your open letter to The Commission on Presidential Debates, I’ll consider supporting your letter to your cheerleader FOX.




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