I Almost Forgot Dylann Roof Was the Killer

Since Dylann Roof tragically murdered nine people in a South Carolina church last week, the national media has focused on everything but the shooter.

Guns, Flags, Thomas Jefferson, street names, Republicans, Democrats, KKK, Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity, which politician called for the flag to be removed first?, The NRA, Walmart, Warner Bros., FOX News, Bill O’Reilly, Is it Terrorism?, Gov. Nikki Haley, President Obama, Mississippi, Hillsborough Confederate Memorial, Mitch McConnell and the list goes on and on.

Everyone one and thing is to blame, but the killer apparently. We wonder why these tragedies continue and yet we continue to respond in the same way. Focus on anything but the killer.

This country needs to understand that we need to focus on the individual and their mental state. Their overall health. What the main stream media rarely discusses, is the prescription meds these killers were on. The side effects. Big pharma doesn’t want that getting out of course. And we know big pharma has a big influence in our media & politics.

As a result of this shooting we’ll change street names and take down flags. None of that will change a thing.

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