You Should Be Ashamed If You’re Voluntarily Fat

Before we get started, this is not directed as those who have some sort of proven medical condition that prevents them from losing weight. This is not directed at folks who have to take medicine that puts on weight. This is not for pregnant women. This is for the folks who have nothing wrong with them, other than a lack of self respect.

That’s what being voluntarily fat is. A lack of self respect. It’s a decision you’ve made, that states “even though this is terrible for me, I’m gonna continue down this path anyway”. Even though you’re risking life-long diseases or even an untimely death, you’d prefer to make a quick stop at McDonald’s. And yet, society for some reason, has a soft spot for these folks.

If a college kid chooses to party every night instead of studying, do we defend their actions? Do we accuse the college of “grade shaming” them? Of course not. We try to encourage the kid to get back on track.  But when a fat person says “I’m comfortable with who I am”, society applauds them for being “brave”.

When someone says “I’m comfortable with who I am” in response to “fat shaming”, they’re lying. They have to be lying, b/c how can you be comfortable in an unhealthy body? Countless side effects will be impacting your life, as you gain more and more weight. Trouble walking, breathing, developing diabetes just to name a few. While we shouldn’t bully someone who’s fat,  we should not applaud a fat person for saying this. The only thing we should be doing, is reminding them of the negative impact being fat will have on their lives, and possibly on the lives of friends/family around them.

If you’re fat, it won’t just be a problem for you. You’ll eventually be an unnecessary drain on society. How many times will you call for an ambulance b/c you’re having trouble breathing, when that ambulance could be responding to an unavoidable emergency instead? You’ll also be putting family members out, when they have to wait on you hand and foot because you can’t get around.

It’s shameful because it’s avoidable. While we all age, and might eventually have some of these same issues/requirements as someone who’s voluntarily fat, the difference is a healthy person did everything they could to hold off on father time. There’s nothing shameful of being old after a fulfilling life. There is something shameful about wasting your life.

Amazingly, instead of praising healthy people & their accomplishments, we accuse them of “fat shaming”. We accused a mother of rubbing it in on fat people because she’s in great shape despite having kids. With the direction America is heading in, we should be throwing her a parade, not attacking her.

I myself have struggled with weight through the years and can honestly say I’m ashamed when I choose to harm my body for temporary enjoyment. I feel ten times better when I’m eating right, and know it’s what I should be doing. I’ll also admit that it’s tough. Food is an addiction. But I shouldn’t be praised for giving into that addiction. I shouldn’t be comfortable when I make a poor choice for my body. I should be reminded & encouraged to continue to live a healthy life style. We should all be encouraging ourselves & loved ones to be living healthier.


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