Cop Block Founder Leaks Nude Photos of Ex Girlfriend


It was revealed this week that Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman was sharing private photos of his ex girlfriend to his friends. One friend he shared the photos with, is well known for his hatred of Ademo’s ex. As a result, these photos made their way to the public causing the latest drama┬áin the Liberty Movement. While we hear about these kind of things often, it’s rare that it happens within the Liberty community.

This is particularly ironic because Ademo is known for his ridicule of the NSA & their violation of our privacy. These photos were between Ademo & his ex, meant for their eyes only. Some would argue that Ademo violated his ex’s privacy.

Not everyone agrees though. Similar to the “Fappening” controversy, there are folks who blame the woman for what happened. Saying she should have known better than to share nude photos. That it was bound to happen.

Is this a case of boys will be boys? Should Ademo be shunned by the Liberty movement for his actions?

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