No Republican or Democrat on the 2016 Presidential Ballot? It’s Possible

As is common these days, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made the announcement today that he’ll be making the announcement that he’s running for President, tomorrow. Why does the first announcement not count as THE announcement? That’s for another discussion.

What is interesting, is that the 2016 Presidential Race could be missing a Republican and/or Democrat on the ballots (well sort of).

When Rand Paul announced that he was running for President as a Republican, his haters within the Republican party liked to say “he’s not even a Republican, he’s a Libertarian”. Every news outlet labels Rand as a Libertarian or at minimum, Libertarian-Republican/Republican-Libertarian. So, in theory, if Rand Paul won the Republican nomination, it would technically be a Libertarian on the Republican ballot (if you listen to his haters).

During today’s pre-announcement announcement, the media outlets immediately labeled Bernie Sanders a Socialist (which he’s comfortably with). Bernie will be running as a Democrat, but on a Socialist platform (is there a difference between Socialist & Democrat these days?). If Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination, we’d have a Socialist on the Democrat ballot.

While it’s a long shot, we could technically have Socialist vs Libertarian in the upcoming Presidential elections. The Times They Are a-Changin’