MSNBC ends up helping Rand Paul

Last night MSNBC reported that Rand Paul’s 22-year-old son was cited for drunk driving after hitting a parked car on Sunday. I’m sure the far left “news” station was banking on the fact that this story would put a dent in Rand Paul’s presidential run, but it’s having the opposite impact.

MSNBC is seeing a backlash on their FaceBook page from an unexpected crowd, Rand Paul haters. Despite the fact that these folks don’t like Rand, they can understand that no family is perfect and that Rand is not responsible for his adult son’s actions. In the photo below are some of their posts.

This will also help Rand with Republican voters. Republicans despise the Liberal media, and when they see this kind of attack from them against Rand, they’ll come to his defense.

MSNBC posts