Rand “Pauluses and Minuses” – Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, “Parks & Rec”

Welcome back to a new edition of Rand “Pauluses and Minuses” where I gauge the actions of the presumed 2016 Presidential candidate and assign them a positive or negative grade. This week, let’s start with the non-emphatic “clap heard ’round the world.”

Rand Dispassionately Claps for Netanyahu Speech

Rand Paul’s response to the speech given by Netanyahu calling for an alteration to the deal that the U.S. had on the table with Iran regarding its nuclear program garnered as much coverage as the speech itself. As you can see, Rand did participate in applauding Bibi’s statements, as he’s largely thrown his lot in with the Neocon crowd where Israel is concerned, but didn’t go out of his way to look overly enthused.


Rand is known for a mostly conservative foreign policy perspective. Thus this lukewarm response to Netanyahu’s cries for a much harsher approach to Iran isn’t necessarily a surprise, and in truth, gives me hope that Rand’s “we must stand with Israel against all enemies” policy and perspective is more a simple political power play than something he truly believes in.


Rand and Sheldon Adelson Make Good 

Reason Mag reported that Rand met with GOP kingmaker and Jewish fundraising mastodon Sheldon Adelson, who had previously been quoted in the NYT as stating he would spend as much as it took to assure Rand didn’t attain the Republican nod for President. The meeting must have gone well. From the National Journal:

But Paul said Wednesday that Adelson contradicted those reports at an in-person meeting earlier this week.

“I sat down with he and his wife yesterday and they assured me there was no truth to that,” Paul said on the radio show Jewish Moments in the Morning on Wednesday, “That was somebody spreading falsehoods.”

Paul has aggressively courted Adelson, who was in Washington to watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address a joint session of Congress, and other top Jewish Republican donors in the last year. Paul said on the program that he and the Adelsons also discussed his legislation to cut off funding for the Palestinian Authority. “We have good relations and we had a great and very informative discussion,” Paul said.

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