Rand “Pauluses and Minuses” – The Podcast!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes in Lions of Liberty’s own Brian McWilliams for the premier of the podcast adaptation of his weekly column, “Rand Pauluses and Minuses!”  Brian explains why he decided to start a weekly article grading Rand Paul’s various actions and statements, and why he’s such a focus of attention for libertarians. Marc and Brian then analyze and dish out their “Paulus” or “Minus” grades for some of the latest goings-on in Rand Paulitics. They discuss medical marijuana legalization, “ClapGate”, Sheldon Adelson, Libertarian Girl, the Republican “Open Letter” to Iran, and more! Gather your family and friends, and strap yourselves in for the ride with “Rand Pauluses and Minuses!”

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