16 Year Old Brandon Keibler Discusses the Launch of Project Digital Privacy

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by Brandon Keibler, the sixteen year old founder of “Project Digital Privacy”, a group which aims to end local and state level mass digital surveillance in the United States. Brandon begins by describing how he first became politically aware at the age of fourteen, when he learned of the Edward Snowden revelations while on vacation. Brandon then details how, after co-founding Restore the Fourth  to draw attention to mass surveillance at the national level, he decided to start Project Digital Privacy in order to focus on surveillance at the local level. Brandon and I discuss just how local police departments are able to spy on digital communications, why digital privacy is so important even for those who feel they have “nothing to hide”, and how knowledge of surveillance stifles political speech. Finally, Brandon has some advice for other young people who see a problem with how their government is operating, before I wrap things up with my typically rant-y ways!

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