I complained about AT&T on Twitter & this is what happened

A strange thing happened when I went on Twitter to complain about AT&T.

For a brief moment, I felt like the most important person in the cell phone industry.¬†Free market competition took over & the winner was the consumer (this instance, me). Tweets coming in left & right from the major companies in the cell phone industry, asking me what I wanted in exchange for being their customer. Cell phone carrier Sprint even took a swipe at T-Mobile tweeting to me “you deserve better than T-Mobile”.

This all stemmed from a tweet I sent out, complaining about AT&T’s customer service. Finally having enough with AT&T, I said “T-mobile here I come”. T-Mobile must have an active social media team, because they quickly picked up on my tweet & cleverly wrote “Magenta would look good on you!”. To AT&T’s credit, they made an attempt at keeping me, tweeting me “Don’t go!” and went on to discuss details of the issue.

What some don’t realize, is T-mobile was supposed to be bought out by AT&T, but the deal never went through. As a result, T-Mobile, which was running out of options, decided to flip the script on the cell phone industry, doing everything opposite of the big carriers. The strategy has worked, as T-Mobile was the fastest growing cell phone company in the U.S. this year. It has also paid off for the consumer. Before T-mobile started making waves, it seemed like every other week, the big three (Verizon, AT&T & Sprint) were doing everything they could to find new ways to charge us for our cell service. Now Sprint is rethinking their strategy, coming up with a “half your bill” campaign, promising to cut your current cell phone bill in half if you switch to them.

Like in every industry, competition = best for consumers. That one extra choice in cell service, is changing the entire industry for the better.

a phone war