Can You Name One Example of a Truly Unbiased News Source?

A truly unbiased news source, would be a news source that offers up multiple opinions, equally. It’s hard to find one out there.

Some obvious ones, like FOX News & MSNBC, we know exactly where they stand. FOX News has a show called “The Five”. It’s literally four Conservatives ganging up on one Liberal. The network labels itself as “fair & balanced” but couldn’t even allow two liberals on the show? It always has to be four vs one?

More examples;

CNN: liberal

The Blaze: Conservative/Libertarian

Huffington Post: Liberal Conservative/Libertarian Libertarian Conservative/Libertarian

Next News Network: Libertarian

Even a lesser known site like ““, has the slogan “unbiased news for our generation” but if you look at their twitter account, all the memes they post are Liberal. One says “So let me get this straight, requiring an ID at the voting booth is protecting our freedoms but requiring an ID at a gun show is violating our freedoms?”. While a valid point, you can tell it’s coming from a Liberal’s perspective. Another meme of theirs says “Voter ID Laws, no problem, we’ve got this guys *cries internally*”. Clearly an attempt to needle Conservatives. But I thought they were an unbiased site? You won’t find an alternative position on voter ID laws on their site.

Even this site,, has tried to have a balanced approach, but we’ve ended up with all Libertarian bloggers. Any time we ask a Liberal to blog for us, they take one look at the site and run away (which by the way, we still welcome Liberal bloggers, and  bloggers of any political view. Sign up at the top right of our site).

So is there really any example of a truly unbiased news source? If you have an example, please post them below in the comments section.


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