Long Island Republicans Spent $90,000 of Tax Payers’ Money on WHAT???

According to Gigi Bowman, who’s running as a Libertarian for NY State Senate in District 5 on Long Island, Republicans have wasted $90,000 of tax payers’ money battling her.

This small town wife, mother & activist, who ran for office simply to raise awareness to the issues she cares about, is apparently seen as a major threat to the Republican party on Long Island. So much so, that according to Gigi’s campaign, Republicans have spent $90,000 of tax payers’ money trying to keep her off the ballot.

These numbers are based on the costs to reprint & mail new ballots. The Republicans have filed a second lawsuit against Gigi, after she won the first one, to try and kick her off the ballot again.

So Long Island, next time you wonder where your hard earned tax dollars go, here’s one wonderful example. To protect the duopoly.



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