Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad, what everyone overlooked

By libertarian James – Contributor

The anti-gun group, “Everytown for Gun Safety” put out an ad this past week showing a defenseless mother being attacked by her estranged—and armed—ex-husband after he broke into her house.  The ad ends by fading to black while a gunshot rings out, then text appears stating, “end gun violence against women.”  The Bloomberg anti-gun crew once again embarrassed themselves, as criticism and parodies rolled in.  One such spoof shows the exact same scenario, except the mother is armed with a shotgun when her ex kicks in the door.  Everyone has pointed out that an armed mother would have faired better in this scenario VS her armed intruder, but most seem to be overlooking a slightly finer point.

Even if the anti-gunners got their wish and no one had a gun—including the crazy ex-husband or ex-boyfriend—the mother wouldn’t have faired any better.  Quick biology factoid: the average human male has 20x more testosterone than the average human female.  That means, on average, the male is bigger, stronger, and more aggressive.  In the Everytown, gun-free utopian version of this story, the door still gets kicked in and that mother gets brutally beaten…with fists or some weapon of opportunity.

This isn’t conjecture on my part.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 1993-2001, only 26% of violent crimes were committed by an armed assailant.  That means 3 out of 4 violent scumbags don’t have a weapon of ANY KIND.  If we stick to the violence against women theme, the same statistics found that only 1 in 12 rapists had a weapon of any kind when they committed their heinous act.  The overwhelming majority of violent criminals aren’t using weapons or guns—they’re relying on size, aggression, and intimidation.

The fact that most violent criminals are unarmed is partly the reason why violent crime didn’t decrease in the UK or Australia following their gun bans.  You don’t need a weapon to be violent, and in a weaponless world, women are at a severe disadvantage.  If you want to end violence against women, the best thing you can do is teach them proficiency with a firearm.  You will not only prevent violence, odds are it will be prevented without a single shot fired.

I will submit to you that the 11 out of 12 unarmed, would-be rapists will immediately put their hands in the air when a woman points a 9mm at their face.  Similarly, the 3 out of 4 unarmed violent criminals won’t be feeling so intimidating when grandma has an AR-15 waiting behind the door.  In most cases, when the unarmed attacker is staring down the barrel of a gun, they wave the white flag and shooting is unnecessary.

The moral of the story?  Gun rights mean less violence for women, and probably less shooting too.

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