The Truth about Obama

dont feed the trolls


By Ashlee Casper of

I’m sure most of you are expecting this post to be about Obama being a satanist who’s out to destroy the country.  Contrary to what my tweets, facebook posts, political identity may suggest, I actually don’t think Obama’s a bad guy. PLOT TWIST.

I get a real kick out of scrolling through twitter conversations.  I’m always baffled by the language and degradation exchanged between people who know little else about each other than a twitter-handle and an opinion.

I’ve lived in New York my entire life and have managed to successfully coexist with people who think much differently than I.  With regards to politics, I have always identified with a minority in my home state, and have survived  21 years without disliking someone because they don’t agree with me.

Obviously the political figures, especially women, that I follow on social media lean more towards the right, because they share the same beliefs as me.  From what I’ve gathered from the people who disagree with these women, they are “c*nts,” “stupid,” “fat,” and “should die.” No joke.

First of all, there is no need for the name calling. Decent and intelligent humans do not resort to name calling. Second, an opinion cannot be stupid. If there was one solid, correct answer we would have had this shit figured out centuries ago. And third, you don’t have to hate someone just because you don’t agree with them.

The reason I’ve tied the above into my post about how Obama is not the anti-Christ, is because I’ve realized it’s unfair of me to say I hate Obama or that he’s stupid.  I don’t know Obama; thus, I cannot (and should not) say I hate him. I dislike his politics and opinions. And he’s obviously not stupid or he wouldn’t have become the most powerful (or second) man in the world. He’s a very well-educated man. And honestly, you assholes put him into office. TWICE. Well done, America. Well done.

But seriously, I think all the name calling and finger pointing in politics has gotten us into a real mess. Sure, I don’t like anything Obama does, but I kind of understand why he does it. I understand- for the most part- why the other side believes what they believe, I just don’t agree with it. But that isn’t to say I don’t think Obama’s probably a good friend and father. I can’t even say I think his intentions are bad. I think wanting to save the world and help all who are less fortunate is a beautiful thing, but within the scope of government is unrealistic and unattainable.

Maybe it’s naive of me to think this but I truly believe if we, as an entire society, had more of a respect for people and their different ideologies, we’d be far more productive. I mean really… Can’t we all just get along?

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