Judd Weiss on Photographing the Liberty Movement, Philosophy, Ethics, and the Influence of Nathaniel Branden

In today’s show, host Marc Clair is joined by the one and only, Judd Weiss! Judd is known largely for his photography in the liberty movement, but in today’s show we meet the man behind the camera and delve into what makes Judd Weiss tick. Judd describes how his largely nihilistic attitude as a teenager was knocked for a loop with his introduction to Ayn Rand and her work “Anthem.” He then describes how he discovered the work of Nathaniel Branden, how it drastically altered his path in life, and how he eventually became close personal friends with Branden prior to his death in 2014. Marc and Judd discuss Judd’s interview with Jan Helfeld, and just why he was so unfazed by the questioning of the libertarian Socratic interviewer. They touch on the philosophical roots of a belief in individual liberty, and why a search for objective truth in the world is vital to the advancement of liberty. As always, stay tuned after the interview for Marc’s thoughts in the wrap-up rant!

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