22 Year Old Libertarian Blogger Responds to Austin Petersen on Rights and Minarchy

In today’s show, host Marc Clair welcomes in young libertarian blogger Ryan Griggs! Ryan explains how he first became familiar with libertarian ideas after stumbling upon YouTube videos of Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaigns. Marc and Ryan discuss how the public education system doesn’t prepare young people to think critically, rather training youth to think with pure emotion as opposed to reason and logic. Ryan then addresses his issues with Austin Petersen’s article “5 Reasons Why I’m Not An Anarchist”, starting with his disagreement with his conception of rights. Ryan explains why natural rights cannot be positive guarantees as Petersen claims. Marc and Ryan discuss how the concept of natural rights can be applied to children, using the example of a parent who doesn’t want to feed his infant child, and why the issue of children is a difficult one even for libertarians. Ryan describes the issues he sees with Petersen’s definition of a “minarchist” government due to the internal contradictions he sees with it. Marc and Ryan discuss the importance of consent and justice when promoting any sort of political system, and why this is so lacking in current political discussion, even among libertarian scholars.

As you might imagine by now, Marc has some thoughts of his own in the wrap-up rant!

Click here to listen, or check out the YouTube below!



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