South Carolina is Racist? Election Results Suggest Otherwise

Following the mass shooting at a black church in South Carolina, Jon Stewart opened his program up with an emotional response. The response was aimed at reminding us that racism is alive & well, especially in South Carolina, where roads are named after Confederate soldiers. He painted a picture that suggests South Carolina is one giant racist state, considering the state capitol still flies the confederate flag.

While a confederate flag is anything but a welcoming image to a black person passing through, their election results┬ásuggest that flag doesn’t have the same influence it once had.

In the 2008 Presidential Primaries for the Democrats, Obama beat Clinton. He didn’t just barely win, he crushed Clinton, winning 55% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 26%. He even beat South Carolina native John Edwards, who only received 17% of the vote. Not exactly the results you’d expect from the state Jon Stewart described.

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