Why do corrupt governments document their own crimes?

By Ian Cioffi – LibertyChat.com

Whenever a conspiracy website releases “secret” documents revealing that certain individuals within a government were scheming to harm its citizens, I have to wonder, why did these crooks document the whole thing?

Example one: “Operation Northwoods“. This was an idea hatched within the U.S. government back in 1962, to stage terrorist attacks in the U.S., and blame them on Cuba, so we had an excuse to invade them. As you can see in the photo, this insane, and criminal plot, was documented. Why?operation northwoods

Why not have this discussion in private? Why be so stupid, as to leave a paper trail of your psychotic ideas? I mean, if you can buy your way to the top of our government, why can’t you convince your fellow crooks to keep your crimes off the record?

OK, maybe this is an isolated incident, where a bunch of egomaniacs thought they were so untouchable that they didn’t think that documenting their crimes was a bad idea. But this is far from an isolated incident.

Second Example: “The Gulf of Tonkin Incident“. This was when our U.S. government claimed North Vietnam fired upon our vessels first, giving justification to go to war with them. It was later revealed, once again through documents created by the U.S. government, that the story was fabricated.

More recently, the Chris Christie administration got into hot water over a plot to intentionally cause a traffic jam, as political payback. This is now famously known as “Bridgegate”. How did we come to learn about this? Through emails. Why, with today’s technology, would you risk creating a digital trail to your crimes?

The list of documented government crimes goes on and on. So much so, that famed Conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura, was even able to write a book about these documented crimes. The book is titled “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t want you to read”. Apparently they do want us to read them. Otherwise, why create them?