Sign the “If I die, it’s definitely a conspiracy” pledge

There’s an article floating around that asks people within the Liberty movement to sign a pledge that they will never commit suicide. This is in response to David Crowley’s untimely death, which has already gone through a trial within the Liberty movement. The trial, which took place a few minutes after the announcement of David’s death, found that David’s death was w/o a doubt, a government hit job.

This suicide pledge, is to help the Liberty movement come to an even faster conclusion, in case any of them have an untimely death. My pledge though, takes it one step further.

This pledge is for everyone who automatically assumes that an untimely death within the Liberty Movement is w/o a doubt, a government conspiracy. No waiting for the “facts”. No trial necessary. If you sign this pledge, the entire liberty movement will swarm to Facebook crying foul, the moment you pass. The Liberty movement will create memes saying “I am _________(your name)”, before any conclusions are made, even if there’s speculation that you¬†committed a terrible crime.

Please sign your pledge in the comment section below.