It makes very little sense that the government would kill David Crowley, here’s why

This is a follow up to my original article on this topic “David Crowley’s Death: Of course it’s already labeled a conspiracy“.

First let me be clear, this is still an ongoing case, and no definite conclusion has been made about how David Crowley died. This piece is not about whether or not David was responsible, but whether or not the government was.

In my opinion, it makes very little sense for the U.S. government to target & kill David Crowley. The argument on behalf of his supporters, is that the government didn’t want David to make his anti-government movie “Gray State”. First thing to look at, was the movie ever close to getting made?

According to Crowley’s business partner, Mitch Heil, Crowley had met with people in California about getting “Gray State” made, but nothing had come of it. Heil ran a video production company with Crowley and also co-owned with Crowley the Bullet Exchange, a company that trained actors to use weapons and military and police gear in film.

On June 30th, Crowley wrote on his FaceBook fan page “Last weekend’s trip to LA to visit friends and talk shop with producers may just shake the country up, because for the first time I feel like I’m connecting with the people who will take Gray State from amateur to pro. Things are gonna start to move fast now.” That was over the summer. Following that post, nothing was discussed on his fan page about any advancement towards getting the film made. It’s possible it fell through, like his business partner said.

Instead of updating his fans on the progress of his project, he posted comments saying “I’ve had more servings of absinthe this week than I’ve had meals, and the balance of life, work, family have never been more balanced. I reject your notions of sanity and supplant my own.” and “You’ve got to have a little madness in your soul to be a creative genius”. But nothing about the progress of the movie.

So if the movie wasn’t on its way to getting made, why would the government want to draw attention to the movie? If it’s failing, why give it any life, by killing the producer? That makes very little sense.

But OK, lets say David finally broke through and found someone to finance the movie. I’d still have to ask why would the government kill David, and not the hundreds of other producers who have made anti government/dystopian films before him? Atlas Shrugged, Fahrenheit 9/11, Fortress, The Manchurian Candidate, The Hunger Games, just to name a few. Also, if David found someone to finance the movie, would he no longer want to see the movie made because David was killed? The movie could still be made, even if the government decided to kill David.

So basically, what David’s supporters want to believe, is that the government was willing to take this huge risk. The government was willing to risk staging a death, in the hopes that the movie won’t get made. Despite the fact that David’s death, would draw major attention to the film. The same film they supposedly don’t want made. With no guarantees that the film won’t be made anyway.

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An article published by local news site, shows that David Voiced struggles over getting his video made:

In the days leading up to his death, David Crowley still had hope that his independent film would pan out.

But Crowley, an Apple Valley filmmaker and screenwriter, also showed concern over the project — “Gray State,” a movie that the Army veteran scripted but had yet to film.

In an email to a prospective producer, Crowley wrote that the project was “now almost completely abandoned” by its original backers and that he was “exhausted from carrying and managing this burden for so many years.”

“Maybe the work load got too crazy; I don’t know the personal reasons, but at the end of it all here I am at the end of the tunnel all alone,” he wrote to a Los Angeles first assistant director in an email obtained by the Pioneer Press. “The fans continue to gather, but they’re frustrated and despondent. No one believes anymore.”

Crowley reached out to Jason Allen in the Dec. 17 email, asking if he wanted to be an executive producer and help out with the logistics of the film project, which he started about four years ago and revolves around a plot of government conspiracy.

“Jason, you know exactly what to do with this,” Crowley wrote.

Allen didn’t get the opportunity to take Crowley up on his offer.”

Mason Hendricks, a friend of the couple, said he was unaware of even the slightest hint of trouble — financial or otherwise — between David and Komel and that he “can’t comprehend how one of them would hurt each other.”

“I honestly believe — and this is all speculative — that this may have been a joint decision,” Hendricks said of the murder-suicide. “He and Komel had a great relationship. They were like that couple that finish each other’s sentences … and you’re like, ‘Shut up, please. You’re too cute.’ ”

Read the full article here

One thought on “It makes very little sense that the government would kill David Crowley, here’s why

  • February 1, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    By September 2014, he was liquidating his Bullet Exchange business, a military prop and costume business (how are you going to make a movie with no props or costumes?); Komel quit her job with Park Nicolette in Septemer 2014 (see interview with Director of Nutrition from Univ of Minneosota) (Komel was the only person in the family earning income); he had a large yard sale at his house in September 2014 advertised on Craig’s list. It’s ridiculous to think that people who do these things are still planning on doing that movie. Sounds like they are going to relocate to me.

    The neighbor who saw their bodies (that looked like “dummies”) said that the bodies were in direct view of the large picture window in front of the house. He said he saw them when he “glanced” into the window. The lights were on and the shades were open at the time they found the bodies. A neighbor across the street said that they always kept all the shades drawn, but on night (and I say “night” because the neighbor heard shots at night in December), Crowley shot everyone in the family, he shot them in the living room, in front of a large picture window with the lights on and the shades uncharacteristically wide open. Nor were their any leaves on the trees in front of the house because it was in the middle of winter. You would think he would wait to shoot the little 5 year old he loved so much while she was in bed sleeping, but no. He shot them while they were awake in full view of anyone who happened to be looking that way.

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