removes the word “unbiased” from their slogan

Back in December I wrote an article titled “Can You Name One Example of a Truly Unbiased News Source?”. In the article I listed several examples of websites that claim to be unbiased, but their content suggested otherwise. Here’s what I wrote about

Even a lesser known site like ““, has the slogan “unbiased news for our generation” but if you look at their twitter account, all the memes they post are Liberal. One says “So let me get this straight, requiring an ID at the voting booth is protecting our freedoms but requiring an ID at a gun show is violating our freedoms?”. While a valid point, you can tell it’s coming from a Liberal’s perspective. Another meme of theirs says “Voter ID Laws, no problem, we’ve got this guys *cries internally*”. Clearly an attempt to needle Conservatives. But I thought they were an unbiased site? You won’t find an alternative position on voter ID laws on their site.

I’m not sure if any employees over at saw the article, but a few weeks after that article was written, they changed their slogan from “unbiased news for our generation” to “news for our generation”.

Seems to me that doesn’t want an honest debate of the issues, but rather a one sided conversation. At least they’re being honest now.

UPDATE: responded to this article, admitting they’re biased but willing to present all sides. See image below.

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