Can you be considered living “off the grid” with an internet connection?

off the grid 1

I’ve seen a few people on Twitter & Facebook mention how they’re living off the grid, while regularly posting status updates. When I say regularly, I mean multiple times, throughout the day. So they’re either making regular visits to a nearby library, or they’re connected to private or public WiFi, which in either case, is traceable.

As far as I know, unlike electricity or drinking water, you cannot obtain an internet connection without being dependent on a government sanctioned utility, whether it be a local cell tower or a satellite. Furthermore, you make yourself much more vulnerable to government tracking, when you’re connected to an internet source.

So does being on the internet negate a claim of living off the grid? Can you be considered living off the grid, if you’re mostly off the grid while dependent on one public utility?

Let us know what you think.