What Republicans Don’t Need: A Clinton VS Warren Primary

During the 2008 Presidential primary season, the world was focused on an epic political battle. Establishment vs Anti-Establishment. Hillary Clinton vs Barrack Obama. No matter what the Republicans seemed to do, they couldn’t steal the spotlight from the ongoing primary battle between Clinton & Obama.

A similar setup for 2016 is emerging, but this time for Republicans. It’s looking more likely that Jeb Bush will be running. Jeb Bush will be seen as the establishment candidate, while you have several anti-establishment candidates like Rand Paul & Ted Cruz who will likely make a run.

Right now, the potential setup for the 2016 Democrat primary doesn’t appear too exciting. It will most likely include Hillary, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo & a few no-names. One person though, who could have an Obama-like appeal, that hasn’t shown signs of running yet, is Elizabeth Warren.

If Elizabeth were to run, and catch on, it would be the worst possible scenario for Republicans. A woman vs woman, establishment vs anti-establishment showdown. Instead of dominating the discussion, Republicans would at very least split the airtime.

An even worse setup for Republicans, is if Jeb Bush gets the nomination and Democrats nominate Warren. It will be 2008 all over again. Establishment vs anti-establishment. On top of that, instead of the excitement of a first black president, the’ll be the excitement of a first woman president.