Do Politicians Endanger Their Children by Placing Them in Political Ads?


It’s rare to find something Republicans and Democrats can agree on. One thing they’ll at least agree on, is protecting our children. So why do they endanger their own?

The political arena is becoming more and more hostile each day. Just check out any┬ápolitical blog & you’ll find trolls saying some awful things about these candidates. Family members are not off limits to these folks. So why put your children up as targets?

PROS vs CONS to putting your child in a political ad.

PROS:┬áThe public assumes if you have a happy family, that you’re a good person. You become more likable to those who don’t take the time to actually know what they’re voting for.


1)If you put your teenage son or daughter on the ad, they’re every move will be overly judged. What would be a typical day for any immature teen, turns into a national headline if your teen is caught drinking, or doing drugs.

2) Bullying in school. Putting your child on TV makes them a target to other kids who might be jealous, or hear from their parents how much they dislike you as a candidate.

3) Physical harm. There are folks who want to do actual harm to those they disagree with politically. Showing your child’s face on television gives these creeps a target to look for. They might not be able to past your security detail, but how secure is your child’s school?

I’m sure we could think of others. But shouldn’t just one of the reasons listed, be enough to make a politician think twice about pimping their own family members out for political points?