Dear Jeb, remember when your brother played nice with a ruthless dictator?

If you listen to the Republicans regarding Obama’s unilateral move to improve relations with Cuba, you would think hell has just frozen over. Talking about how horrible the Castro regime has treated their people (while we maintain Guantanamo bay in Cuba). Every Republican pundit is saying what a horrible person Obama is for dealing with a ruthless regime.  Jeb Bush weighed in, saying how he not only disagrees with the move, but believes we should strengthen our sanctions against Cuba. However, Jeb should be reminded, that his brother George played nice with a ruthless dictator.

In 2004, George Bush ended an embargo against Lybia, referring to the country as an ally. An “ally” that was still run by Muammar Gaddafi, the same ruthless dictator who ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, killing 270, including 178 Americans.

While I would agree, George got much more for this deal w/Gaddafi than Obama got from Castro, you still don’t know how this will impact the people of Cuba in the long run. By normalizing relations, and possibly ending an embargo, the Cuban dictator can no longer blame America for its problems. The people of Cuba would have only one person to point to for their troubles.

One thing is for certain, this strategy can’t be any worse than the one we’ve had against Cuba for decades, that resulted in nothing.