What’s your reaction when you walk past a homeless person?

This past week I was throwing around an idea I had to help the homeless in New York City. The homeless population in New York City is on the rise, but based on the responses I got, you’d think nobody cared.

I spoke to Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Religious folks, and most of them had similar responses. Their response was that helping the homeless was a waste.

Arguments against helping included; “it’s their fault they’re homeless”, “they could be in shelters, they’re choosing to be homeless”, “they’re just gonna waste the money on drugs”, “some of them aren’t even really homeless”.

While I’ve heard these reactions before, I never put it together that it didn’t matter your political affiliation, many people shared these feelings. Which is ironic, because you’ll always hear Liberals talk about how we need to help the poor. You’ll hear the religious talk about helping the poor. You’ll hear Libertarians say that private charities would step up if government got out of the way. Yet all these people with different political backgrounds that I spoke to, all shared this harsh response towards homelessness.

What’s your reaction when you walk past a homeless person? Vote in our poll below.

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