Should Liberty Activists Bring Their Children to the Front Lines?


Last week Danny Panzella, local New York City liberty activist, got into it with the NYPD over an altercation between Mall Security and a Cab Driver.

Danny was merely standing up for his first amendment right, which as usual, the NYPD had a problem with. Overall, Danny was in the right regarding the dispute. However, it was a fight that Danny could have avoided, while out with his child.

There’s a saying, pick and choose your battles. Danny chose to pick a battle with the NYPD, while out with his son. By the end of the altercation, a crowd had gathered around Danny and his child, along with at least five NYPD officers.

We’re well aware of what over aggressive cops are willing to do. We’re also aware, that the public does not think kindly of police, and have been known to get into violent altercations with them.

Based on the video above, should Danny have done what he did, while out with his son? Was it a valuable life lesson for his son to learn or a foolish decision that put his son in harms way?

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