Ferguson decision: ‘Gaddafi’ and Black Rebels group prepare for revenge

On Monday, Missouri’s beleaguered Ferguson police department and St. Louis County’s police department — while in the midst of waiting for a grand jury to announce its decision on whether Darren Wilson, the local cop who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown, will be indicted — must prepare for an additional problem: A group calling itself the RbG Black Rebels, led by a man known as Zulu Gaddafi, is threatening to take action should the grand jury fail to indict Officer Wilson including violence against the cop and his family.
According to messages the group posted on its Twitter account, the group said they plan to keep warm by igniting a fires, but they don’t need firewood to burn. Gaddafi and his group also advised the protesters who plan to “take to the streets” when the grand jury’s decision is announced that they should “pack sidearms.”  Also included on their Twitter messages is a link to a video on building bombs using household items, according to reports
The Black Rebels group claims it is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information on Wilson’s whereabouts and $1,000 each “close family” member located since many of them are in hiding.  The Black Rebels leader, Zulu Gaddafi, confirmed that those rewards are serious business and will be paid.
Some of the replies on the group’s Twitter page include Shaun King, a contributor to the George Soros-supported leftist web site, The Daily Kos, saying: “100 days. 100 damn days. It took 60 seconds for Darren Wilson, now rich & free, to murder Mike Brown 100 days ago.”


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