Obama’s Latest War is a Gift to Rand Paul

Ah, remember that Nobel Peace Prize? As President Obama winds down his 2nd term, he ramps up another endless war. It’s not all bad news though. This was is actually great news for Senator Rand Paul.

This latest war will likely last well into the Republican Primaries next year. Despite Rand’s sometimes hawkish rhetoric, he’s still seen as a dove compared to the potential Republican Presidential nominees. Congress is terrified to call this latest war, a war, because of just how unpopular war is in America right now.

Lets assume for a second the two front-runners in the Republican primaries are Jeb Bush & Rand Paul (Ted Cruz knocked himself out with that Israel stunt & Chris Christie won’t recover from Bridgegate). Jeb is a contender simply by default because Republicans want to pick a winner, and the Bush family have proven they can win the White House. Rand Paul though will be seen as the “peace candidate”, which usually resonates well with Democrats, but this time around, you’ll see Republicans on board with such a candidate.

Republicans will tolerate a peace candidate because Obama will be in the middle of another war during the Republican primaries. The one thing, that could get Republicans to think twice about war, is if Obama supports it. They hate Obama so much, that if he’s for war, well they have to be against it. This will benefit Rand over Jeb, because Jeb will automatically be labeled a war hawk because of his family’s’ history.

On top of Rand’s advantage for being seen as less of a war hawk, he’s also seen as an anti-establishment candidate. Having folks like John McCain and Lindsay Graham bashing him every other week. These type of candidates also resonate well with voters, as voters feel establishment candidates have caused all their problems. Jeb will be seen as just another establishment candidate, being that his dad & brother have held the White House.

Lets assume for a second Rand wins the Republican nomination. Obama’s latest war also helps Rand in the general election. Rand’s likely opponent will be Hillary, who’s backed Obama’s foreign policy. Democrats might not care much for Rand Paul, but between the disappointment of Obama & Hillary’s war record, Rand stands a good chance that fewer Democrats will show up to the voting booths.



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