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  1. Curt Doolittle - The Propertarian Institute

    Interesting prognostication. Not one that is supported by the evidence. At no time in history has communication and coordination been available to so many, nor has the systemic infrastructure upon which a society rests, been so fragile. If it were true what you say, the DC Sniper would have had no economic impact, and the rise of professional international insurgents would not have become the de facto means by which war is being conducted. Multiple books, some fairly popular have been written on this subject. Not only is it effective to use systemic facility to drive an efficient economy into shock, and a government in to visible discredit and failure, it’s cheap, and it takes fewer people, a shorter time, than at any point in history. The problem americans face is actually (a) a catalyzing event, and (b) general awareness of a possible solution or alternative to the current order.

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