Taxpayers foot $3M bill for Obama golf trips


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I don’t begrudge the guy golf. Its a great game. I personally love it. It’s good for the mind. And frankly the more time Obama spends on the course the better off we all probably are.

I would have said the same for GW Bush too.

In fact if we had someone run for president who pledged to spend every day on the links and generally just not poke his (or her) nose in the business of the American people I’d probably vote for them.

But I do begrudge golfing vacations paid for by the taxpayer. Take one. Maybe two a year. Don’t be ridiculous about it. Don’t take $3 million worth of trips.

And according to the attached article Obama recently golfed at a club which requires a net worth of $35 million to join. Given all the “inequality” talking points coming out of the White House these days I think this shows some serious daftness.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care. Which is probably the case.



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