Nothing About This Story Makes the Government Look Good

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There’s absolutely nothing about this story which makes the government look good. Not this picture:

neck injury

Not the charge: Arielle apparently assaulted a federal officer causing bodily injury by forcefully striking the agent’s rifle with her neck.

Not the reason the DEA was there: to raid a legal small retail business.

Not the pretense for the raid: the owner’s internet search history.

Not the DEA agents turning the shop’s security cameras toward the walls so they couldn’t record the agents’ behavior during the raid.

Not the DEA’s successful request that Facebook remove photos of the raid taken by a citizen photojournalist. They were reposted once Facebook officials found nothing conflicting with their code.

Not the bond requirement that Arielle’s sister retract all statements from the press, claim Arielle was never assaulted and say that she lied. In other words, to get out of jail pending trial, the defendant must drop her defense. Wut?

Not the quote on the incident from Laila Rico with the Drug Enforcement Agency in El Paso, “If you don’t do what you’re asked to do, that’s what you’re going to run into.”

Not the fact that the search warrant was invalid, listing no address, name, or probable cause.

Not the fact that the DEA found zero controlled substances in the raid, but took the owners’ guns, computers, and products anyway.


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One thought on “Nothing About This Story Makes the Government Look Good

  • May 29, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    The increasing militarization of the police, the abuses of American citizens by government security forces, a recent SCOTUS approval as constitutional of a law which, on order of the President, allows the military to seize American citizens and hold them indefinitely, all of these and other clear evidence point to our accelerating slide toward some form of police state.

    We as American citizens must reverse this trend by, among other things, voting only for politicians who swear, in writing, to put stop to it or out of office they go.

    Also crucial to stopping this trend is an all out defense of freedom of speech, which is under constant attack by both the right and the left.

    Witness recent legislation introduced by Sen. Harry Reid to amend the constitution to allow restriction of donated campaign funds. And the ever recurring attempts, both legislative and regulatory (FCC), to impose government controls on he internet in the name of ‘fairness’ (read tyranny).

    If as American citizens, we don’t get busy in defending our freedoms, they will vanish and we will be living under some form of dictatorship. If that happens, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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