A Florida Resident Drove Around with a Cellphone Jammer for Two Years Before Being Caught


By Alyssa Bereznak – Yahoo News

As The Tampa Tribune reports, Humphreys brought a cellphone jammer along on his commute every day for two years. You know, to ensure that his fellow commuters remained focused on the road. Until two local sheriff’s deputies caught him in the act and slapped him with $48,000 worth of fines, which he must pay or otherwise respond to within a month.

It turns out that Humphreys would have gone undetected if it hadn’t been for a local carrier noticing that something was messing with its towers. MetroPCS (which is owned by T-Mobile) notified the Federal Communications Commission that there was a peculiar outage on a certain patch of the Interstate 4 highway and downtown Tampa exactly a year ago. The FCC looked into it and discovered that wideband emissions — broadcast activity with wide frequencies or wavelengths — were emanating from a blue Toyota Highlander.

Still, Humphreys went on jamming for another year until two county sheriff deputies pulled him over. They were able to confirm his use of the cellphone jammer before they even searched his vehicle and found it behind a seat cover. As they approached his SUV, their two-way radios were disconnected from their dispatcher.

The department later tested the device to discover that it could jam cell signals in three bands. Humphreys is alleged to have said that he’d been using the jammer for 16 to 24 months on his commute. Meaning pretty much everyone around him was unable to use a cellphone. Even someone who had a dire emergency to call in.

Whether this made any difference in the quality of Humphrey’s commute, we are unsure. Unsurprisingly, he does not seem to be taking calls at the moment.



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