Ron Paul warns of Waco-like end to Nevada ranch fiasco


Former Rep. Ron Paul is warning Americans of a Waco-like end to the standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government, saying that even though the armed agents have left the land, the atmosphere is still heated.

“I’m hoping this is a very positive sign of things to come, where the people stand up and object to the federal government’s intrusion into our lives and everything we do,” Mr. Paul said, during an interview on “Your World” on Fox News, during which he spoke about the standoff between Mr. Bundy’s family and supporters, and the Bureau of Land Management agents.

“And when the people do get together and stand up, … the governments will be forced to back down,” he continued, Breitbart reported. “But the other thing is governments don’t give up their power easily, and they may well come back with a lot more force, like they did at Waco with the Davidians. So I don’t know which way it’s going, but so far so good.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned just this week that though the federal government has removed its agents from the Bundy property, the issue is far from ended.

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