Liberty Movement Tells Rand Paul “NO!” to Hiring Jesse Benton

Jesse Benton

Yesterday put out a fake article headline in honor of April Fools day titled “CONFIRMED: Rand Paul to tap Jesse Benton as 2016 Campaign Manager”. The problem with the internet, is when a headline goes out, people don’t take the time to actually read the article, and simply run with the headline. The headline was shared over a hundred times on various social media sites. Since so many people never took the time to actually read the article which clearly stated that it was an April Fools prank, they went ahead and let the internet know how they felt about such a decision. Here’s a sample from the majority:

“I threw up a little bit in my mouth” –  bierdegarde via

“This is not good news to me” – Jon Svaren via Facebook

“Jesse Benton wouldn’t know how to make a friend if he had a cold drink in the middle of a desert. Why would he do this!?” – Michael Lyons via Facebook

“And in turn, they shouldn’t be surprised when grassroots activism/donations are about nil” – Kathy88 via

“Hopefully, this news is an April Fool’s joke. If not, I won’t be donating either” – tpreitzel via

@SenRandPaul If Jesse Benton is going to be your campaign manager you won’t be getting any financial support from me” – @BettyLiberty1 via Twitter

To be fair, there were a few who defended Jesse Benton, but the majority were not happy about such a headline. Luckily for the majority, this was a prank. If the Rand Paul camp is considering such a move, maybe yesterday’s response will help them decide.


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One thought on “Liberty Movement Tells Rand Paul “NO!” to Hiring Jesse Benton

  • April 2, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    This exemplifies perfectly why I do not do and do not believe in april fools jokes! I guarantee we will be seeing this for months!

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