The elitist faction’s anti-American 80-20 strategy for the GOP

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By Alan Keyes of

Despite my efforts to explain how silly it is, I still encounter apologists for the GOP’s quisling leadership who cite the infamous 80-20 maxim for politics as if it ought to be taken as Holy Writ. That’s the rule that says that you shouldn’t reject a candidate who’s with you on 80% of the issues just because they oppose you 20% of the time.  Of course, this makes no sense if the 20% includes even one issue where going wrong leaves the rights, including liberty, of the American people 100% dead and gone.

Thinking about the 80-20 rule as it appears in another context will help you to understand the idiocy of the way it’s being misapplied in GOP politics.  In that other context, it’s known as the Pareto principle, so-called because it’s logic was first systematically articulated and applied by the Italian thinker Vilfredo Pareto.  It “states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” It’s also known as the principle of “the vital few and the useful many.”  But in the context of the GOP’s complicity in the elitist faction’s assault on America’s liberty, it might more aptly be described as “the elitist few and the useful idiots.”

Forces intent on destroying constitutional self-government for the American people have been using this principle to turn the GOP from an obstacle to their agenda (which it was during the Reagan era) into perhaps the most critical reason for the imminent success of that agenda.  Their strategy for doing so involves identifying changes that would severely damage the key sources of the America’s historically unparalleled success in sustaining self-government for our people.  To serve the elitist faction’s destructive agenda GOP candidates are encouraged to support one or two of these destructive changes, while on other issues continuing ineffectually to parrot positions acceptable to the GOP’s conservative base.

As a result of this strategy, the GOP’s cadre of elected officials at the national level now consists of people whose views appear to be in line with the Party’s conservative constituency, but who oppose that constituency in key areas vital to the survival of self-government.  This leaven of apostasy assures that the elitist faction always has the support of enough supposed “conservatives” in the GOP to leverage the legislative and policy results that sustain most of the damage presently being inflicted on America’s strength and liberty.

Thus 80 % of the GOP’s elected officials, can appear to represent the Party’s conservative constituency at least 80% of the time.  But at all times at least 20% of them are positioned to make up the critical fulcrum without which 100% of the results that advance the elitist faction’s destructive, ant-American agenda would never be achieved.  Hence, Obamacare; lax enforcement of border security; immigration policies that coddle and encourage illegal immigration; money policies that constantly increase debt and spending; education policies that constantly degrade the understanding of America’s political heritage; and executive actions (or failures to act) that exacerbate the erosion of the rights, moral habits, and self-discipline vital for the survival of liberty.



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