Anti-voting, tax paying Anarchists, are a special breed

Some of my Anarchist friends have already filed or will be filing their taxes this week. Some have been publicly complaining about paying. Many of these Anarchists complaining about taxes, are the same ones who will attack liberty folk who run for local office. They give their usual rhetoric about how it’s a waste, that it won’t accomplish anything, or that you’re wrongfully validating the system by participating in it.
So let me get this straight. You’re gonna go ahead, and pay the government the funds they need to continue their assault on our liberties, but then turn around and say voting for people who might fight back against that is a waste? You contribute to the system you hate, and then dictate to us the best strategy to fight that system? Can you understand why we might be a little frustrated?
The only Anarchists that have a right to object to participating in the system, are theĀ ones who don’t contribute to it. The purist Anarchists. The ones who can actually say they did nothing to contribute to this government. The ones who live off the grid, growing their own food, and collecting their own energy.
You’re gonna give a list of excuses as to why it’s OK to pay taxes. Not wanting to be caged, being one of them. Which is a completely valid reason. But if we’re going to make exceptions for you, please don’t jump down the throats of those who still believe in a political solution to our problems. You may end up being right. But paying the state to continue its tyranny, while telling people not to donate to liberty candidates b/c you believe it’s a waste, is helping nobody in the liberty movement.



One thought on “Anti-voting, tax paying Anarchists, are a special breed

  • April 15, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    That’s great and all, but people are forced to pay. You aren’t forced to participate in their political system.

    False comparison. Good luck restoring the republic to the days of Washington’s put-down of the whiskey rebellion.


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