Why do people post “RIP” on social media sites?

HeavenBy Ian Cioffi – LibertyChat.com



For the sake of this article, lets for one second put away the debate whether there’s an afterlife or not, and assume there is. I know the last thing I’m doing, is checking out my news feed, when I could be playing poker with our Founding Fathers &¬†Rodney Dangerfield. There’s also a good chance I’d be insulted. Similar to a “Happy Birthday” post, if you decided to post “RIP” but barely spoke to me when I was alive, I’d be a little pissed that you had the nerve to give me a shout out.¬†There’s also the attention factor. Is this RIP post really about me? Or did you just want to improve your Klout score with sympathy likes/comments?

OK, so some people do it as a genuine way of coping. Talking about the loss, helps them handle the loss. But you gotta figure there are some people out there, who are definitely posting “RIP” for the attention it brings to them. Personally, I’d say a private prayer. I think the man upstairs will pass on the message, and the loved one won’t have to question my motivation.

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